Raster Blaster prototype at Reload indie showcase

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I was invited to show off Raster Blaster Reloaded at the Reload Bar's Indie Showcase evening.

It went down pretty well and I got a good chance to talk about the Orx engine and indie dev.

Showed the desktop + controller version and the Android tablet version.

Here's some pics:



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    Awesome :) A nice showcase for orx.
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    Really nice! =)

    What feedback did you get from all those who tried it?
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    Had a bit of a crowd from time to time, and got some really good feedback. Some people dug in to see how far they could get into the game.

    Talked myself hoarse for 5 hours, met a lot of really nice people. Some were very interested in the controller and the possibilities of getting one made.

    So of course now I'm researching into the USB HID standard, and pic32 microcontrollers. ;)
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