Indie game dev contest and humble bundle game dev

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Just in case you guys haven't seen it yet:

The assets for sale on humble bundle (12 USD to get all the tools and assets).
There is a LOT of stuff, I will buy tonight to check the licenses, be warned that some assets of the last humble bundle had a RPG maker only license, so I can't guarantee this won't happen again.

The conquest:

Really good prizes, the game must be made for this contest (i. e.: you can use a former project) and you have up to august 7th to submit your game, so hurry up guys!

Good luck for anyone who will take part =)


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    A fast read of the rule shows a prize per game engine. No orx, sadly, but might be worth trying to enter a thing or two.

    We've lost 2 weeks so far though.
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    Good luck to any participant, if there's any here. :)

    Personally I won't have to time to enter it.
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