Orx 1.7 release date?

Hi Everyone,

I'm wondering if there's a planned release date for Orx 1.7. There are a few minor features I'm planning to request before then, but I need to refine them a bit more in my mind, so I'm wondering if there's any schedule.

BTW, what's the preferred feature request channel ATM? Discuss in forums then create an issue on bitbucket? or something else?



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    I don't really have a roadmap, but so far new revisions have naturally happened around end/start of years.

    The best way to request features is to open threads on the forum and, when they've been discussed, add entries to the issue list.

    I should probably find a nice way to set my internal work laundry list public somehow. I'm using Google Keep to keep them, but it's not very handy to make them public.
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    Great, so I've got time. I'll be requesting some minor features, mostly things that are already in Orx but not exposed, such as the ability to push something on the command stack, or execute a command with an object attached (so that "^" works as in a timeline track).

    As you can imagine, these are mostly for infrastructure, and I want to request them when my needs are more mature, but I also don't want to miss the 1.7 release :)
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