Repeat property on wiki.

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Yesterday I had to use the Repeat property and it me a really long time to realise that you must set Scale as well as Repeat for it to work (I found an example).

Could some extra description be added there in order to make it more clear? I checked both the orxOBJECT and orxGRAPHIC description and neither gave me a clear instruction of what I should have done.

Thanks in advance.


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    Knolan, if you can think up some good text for the description, you can pop it into the wiki. If you don't have an account, shoot it across and I can add it for you.

    Good spotting by the way.
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    Thanks, ironically I have spent so much time trying to improve the editor that I haven't used ORX to make a game on quite a while. So I was pretty confused when the repeat didn't work. Luckily I had used it on my last game.

    I could try, I would need to do some testing (as I am not sure what would happen if I had repeat = and 3 scale = 2 or repeat = 2 and scale = 3).

    As far as I know I do not have an user on Wiki.
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    You can create a user on the wiki, then let me know and I'll grant you write access. I had to remove automatic write accesses because of bots.

    So, the Scale property will define how "big" your visual will be in the end, wheras the Repeat one will define how many time the graphic will be repeated within that size.

    For example:
    - Scale=3/Repeat=2 -> object will look 3 times bigger on both axes, but the graphic will only be displayed twice per axis on that surface (ie. 4 graphics inside a 9 times bigger surface)

    - Scale=2/Repeat=3 -> object will look twice bigger than original on both axes but the graphic will be repeated thrice per axis (ie. 9 graphics inside a 4 times bigger surface)

    Does it make any sense?
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    I can edit the entry, but how do I register an user there? There is no such option in the "login" tab.
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    Ah right, we turned registration off after the last spammer/bot wave. I just turned it back on, you should be able to register there now. :)
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    I registered the user Knolan there.
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    And I just gave you write access.
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