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Hi Guys, while here in New Zealand, I gave talk on orx game development to my work colleages at our annual internal conference.

Had a lot of kind encouraging comments, appears to have been well received.

I'll try to make the video publically available as soon as I can. It's a 30 minute fly through making a game, and I will re-record a longer version of it next week some time.


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    Looking forward to seeing that video! :)
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    Here it is:

    My first public tech talk, so I hope I've done it justice.
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    Wow, live game development. I would be quite scared that something went wrong I wouldn't realise what it was.

    Congrats, it was a pretty nice demonstration. Unless I am missing something, you didn't add the source or the config files in the video description, it may be a good idea.
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    Thanks, Knolan.

    I did many run throughs of the talk in the office and at home in preparation, and on two occasions things did go very wrong :)

    But there were many options, I had a half way version of the demo so I could move to that point or end up working through the code of a completed version if it all went wrong. So I had options up my sleeve. I've heard of live demos going very wrong. Good to have a backup plan!

    I was on a very limited time frame, it had to be under 30 mins and allow time for questions. But the longer version which I am recording soon with show the setting up of the project and everything in a more digestable pace.
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    Nice talk :) Congrats.
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    Loved it, nice work! Apparently I'm not the only one who enjoyed it:

    Too bad there were some compression artefacts, making the text hard to read from time to time, but that's really a very minor issue.
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    Thanks, Iarwain.

    Yes, the artifacts (and poor frame rate) are due to the presentation being recorded via Hangouts.

    The longer version of it will be recorded with Open Broadcast.

    (I have holidays next week)
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