Deployment guides for Windows and MacOSX

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Hi Guys, as part of getting the recent releases out the door, I've written out some checklist guides to help prepare releases for Windows and MacOSX.

Hopefully this might help with those niggly little steps to getting something ready for release.

1. Preparing for a release under Windows
2. Preparing for a release under MacOSX


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    Wow, thanks! I feel like a few hours (days?) of my life has just been gifted to me :)
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    Release prep does take up many many hours. :)
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    Nice, that would have been useful a few weeks ago when I put the contest game up (will put the source in the tools soon(tm)).

    Thanks for that.
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    You're welcome.

    I should have done this six months ago when I released Bean Farmer. I came back to release Raster Blaster and found I couldn't remember a darned thing. Took days to retrace all the steps, building in icons and resources etc etc.

    It'll be useful again next round :)
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    Nice work!

    For Little Cells, I used:
    - NSIS on Windows, which I prefer to Inno, but it's really a matter of personal taste :)
    - DMG Canvas on OS X, but I like your method better I think, so I'll give it a try next time
    - a custom-made shell script on Linux to create a desktop launcher + select 32b/64b version on the fly
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