Spawner interpolation badly interacting with FX

I've noticed a glitch caused by the interaction of FXs and spawner interpolation. If an object has an FX with a StartValue != 0 (or 1 for scale), and if the object gets created with a spawner with interpolation, you can occasionally observe very strange scale and position values for the objects spawned on the first frame. If this is not a known bug, I can try to prepare a minimal setup.


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    I wasn't aware of that bug. If you have a minimal config repro step, that'll we appreciated. Otherwise I'll poke around next week to see what I can do about it.
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    OK, I'll come up with a minimal complete verifiable example.
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    Thanks, I've already made a quick fix locally in the code based on the description, but I haven't the data to test it against. :)
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