Why is orxFontGen cropping glyphs?

Could you help me understand why orxFontGen crops some glyphs? For instance it's cropping 3 rows from the character 'g' while generating a font sheet with character size 40 with the Sincere Heart Font. I can't figure out why it's doing that and which command line argument is relevant.



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    Woops, forgot to reply here!
    As discussed on the chat, it can be an issue in the font or a bug in the code itself. For some reason a character ends up being bigger than what was asked to TrueType2, which leads to cropping.

    If we weren't cropping, some other issues might arise, like misalignment.

    Good luck in your hunt, lemme know if you find any obvious bug in orxFontGen's code when you have a chance to have a look. =)
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    Then I should say "thank you" here too :)
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