Anyone interested for a quick game to do ?

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Hey Guys :woohoo:

I should have a little bit of extra spare time in front of me in the weeks to come,
is anyone interested to make a small Game App ?
you know, a "Runner" type, a "flappy Bird" copy, a one button push type of game or any kind of not to tough game to do.

I can provide mostly Gfx and Animations (and gameplay ideas).
(even if I script a little on Little Cells, Iarwain is usually doing all the code and script ;).

Cheers !


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    Hey there! =)

    I think you'd have more chance getting an answer if you were to ask that on the chat (look at the tab on the left of the site). You'll need to create a (free) account on github in order to talk there though. :)
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    I thought Github was more about specific talks/disuctions about your dev and problems
    a quick way to have answers, were your message will quickly go away, except if you spam each time you are not in the front page so a potential new viewer will see this...

    A forum thread seems more adapted for this kind of question don't you think ?
    I mean, I like reading sometime the Github thread, but I see it as a fantastic idea and tool for everyone using ORX to have quick answers and discutions with the community.

    I still think some messages here on the Forums are easier sometimes to explain or ask something that don't needed quick or small answers ?
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    Well the thing is: I don't know how many people come here regularly. Also the inscription are closed (due to spambots), which means a few new members of the community don't have forum write access at the moment. :/
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