Compile orx 1.7 - REBOL and HTTP Proxy

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Hi people,

I've just cloned github repo and run setup.bat to be able to build orx 1.7.
Here I'm behind an HTTP proxy and setup.bat fails to download extra packages.

How can I solve this situation?

// EDIT: For now I solved by bypassing the proxy.


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    Hi ainvar,

    I guess you could just manually download the file it's trying to download and put it in the cache folder
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    Hi Enis! It's a long time I don't see you!

    Well, basically I bypassed the proxy but, for sake of a better product distribution, I think the problem should be solved in a better way other than manually downloading file.

    Maybe the batch file could ask "Are you using a proxy[Y/N]?" and then, in positive case, ask for proxy data and keep going on.

    But it's ok, it's not a blocking problem!
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    I'd rather have a command line parameter in that case and keep the whole script non-interactive.

    That being said, I've tested the script it behind two different company proxies and didn't encounter any issue. I guess it depends on the proxy setups.
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    Hi Denis! :) Indeed, it's been a long time. Why don't you come and hang out in the gitter Orx channel:
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