Orx Curve Editor

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Currently in progress is a a Curve Editor for Orx developers, written in Orx.

The intention is to provide two features:

1) The ability to edit Bezier curves and to test objects moving along them.
2) The ability to test the same curves against FX like position, color etc.

Of course curves can be loaded, saved and exported.

Current progess on the curve interface:



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    Update 2 video is available:


    * Object following the curve
    * Pause / Unpause / Show / Hide the object on the curve
    * Speed up / slow down object on the curve
    * Add and delete points
    * Point snapping
    * Zoom and translation of the view
    * Notification banner
    * Help screen
    * New coloured 0-markers on the grid
    * Save to file

    Repo is available at:
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    Really nice. Do you intend to add orxFX curves visualization to it?
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    There seems to be a tiny hitch when the spaceship transitions from one curve segment to the next one. Is it just in the video capture or does it happen live as well?
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    I'll probably start on curveFX once freeform curves are in Orx.

    So right now it will only be for waves, or curves for other reasons.
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    I added a wave last night, rather than a single object, and noticed a slight hitch there. It might be because I was travelling from 0 to 1 inclusive, so I made it so that it moves to the next segment if it's >=1. I still notice a minor glitch.

    I might show you that over the weekend and see if it's an issue with the curve, or code.
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    sausage wrote:
    I'll probably start on curveFX once freeform curves are in Orx.

    So right now it will only be for waves, or curves for other reasons.

    Sure, but is your intent to support all the types of curves of orxFXs in the end or only freeform ones?
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    All curves will be supported for orxFX. For example, you will be able to select bezier, catsmull, sine, triangle, etc.

    If you are working on a curve and you view it in the orxFX area, the FX will use that curve. If you select sine, the curve you worked on would disappear, and a visual of the sine version would appear.

    I'm thinking you can edit the sine to become the basis of a new bezier curve. Or switch back to your previous bezier that was in progress.
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    OK, that's good. I was more thinking in terms of curve combinations, which is the part that is hard to mentally visualize. Like when one combines a sine with a sawtooth with a different phase and period, for example.
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    Ah yes, I see what you mean. I hadn't given that any thought. In fact I hadn't given multiple slots any thought, only single FX.

    I'll have to do some design on that. Ultimately, it should be supported to make it more useful.
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    Update 3:

    Update of the editor showing new colours, snapping points, wave preview with pausing, live editing with waves playing.

    Dialogs are in too, but not shown.
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    I added the link of the thread in the "List of Tools" pinned Forum Message until the link to get the tool is available to all! :)
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    Ah yes, thank you. It should be released soon. Just a few bugs to sort out.
  • 2022 builds coming soon. This tool has been hopelessly inaccessible.

  • Lastest explanation video is still available here:
    Doesn't cover newer features like adding backgrounds, but it's enough to get a good overview of how to use.

  • Nice, however the video is only available in 480p for me at the moment. Is it still being processed by YouTube?

  • That's a good question. I'm no longer familiar how Youtube does things. This video is on the orxengine account. It might be time for a new video that also talks about the newer features, and shows the data and what to do with it.

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