v1.10 has been released!

We're not so good at keeping these forum announcements up (we skipped a few) :smile:

But read more about it here.


  • I noticed that the precompiled packages are not available in Github since v1.9. Are you planning to keep them available only in sourceforge again?

  • Hi,

    There was unfortunately no binary releases for 1.9.

    Regarding 1.10, it's a complete overlook on my side, I'll make sure to upload the binary packages to github tonight or tomorrow. Thank you for reporting it @filipeaneto.

    That being said, I continue to encourage people to use the source repository (git or hg, they're usually on the same revision). It's quite stable and always contain the latest fixes and features.
    It compiles out of the box and the init script is the way to go to start new projects. We're going to add a few options to it like Scroll and ImGUI support shortly as well.

  • The files have been uploaded to github. Please note that this binary release has a know issue with scaling on Retina screens that got fixed since then.

  • Thank you!

  • My pleasure!

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