Pass Through Platforms / One-way walls in Orx Game Engine

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Many platformer games, like Mario, allow the player to pass trough a platform if the character is coming from below, and walk in it, as normal, if otherwise.

Any tips for good ways for doing pass trough platforms in Orx?

One possible solution is using a separate physics body with a small Y size for the character "feet" and using a small Y size physics body for the platform itself. Then, make the object feet teleport to the top using SetPosition if the object Speed.fY is negative and touch the Platform. But it seems a little complicated.

One can make an object "non-solid" for some objects, and solid for others? (And change it in real-time by code?) or similar, in Orx?

So if a condition is met, it can bypass the platform.

A Godot video tutorial with a preview of the effect can be found here: Pass Through Platforms in Godot Engine


  • Only now found this old forum post regarding the exact same problem:

    I guess i haven't searched enough before posting. (Sorry) :P

    Will try some of the approaches listed there.

    Still, if "modern Orx" can do it in another way, i want to know. :)

  • Hey @Yzubi, sorry for the late reply!

    I see you already found a thread on that topic. Let us know how it goes.

    I'd recommend checking the test Loki made regarding a raycast-only platforming character scheme, which allows for more flexibility regarding one-way platforms and things like this:

    That being said, you can also modify body/parts properties like collision flags, for example, based on your character velocity, which would allow to ignore selectively ignore some surfaces.

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