Fedora Dependencies

I've switched to Fedora to learn Linux sysadmin a little better, though I'm finding that it seems like all the libraries are named differently from Debian/Ubuntu. Is there a method of figuring out the dependency names on other distributions?


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    I'm afraid only a pragmatic approach is possible here. I'll try to see if I can find the names for Fedora, but there might be a little of back and forth.

    I guess we could add a wiki page with all the distro/equivalents we find over time. For example, the distro I'm using has very similar names than the Debian ones, except using -devel instead of -dev as suffix.

  • I managed to get it working, thanks. I'm not 100% sure whether all of these are required, glib* for example could probably be excluded. I also had to use the Intel C++ compiler to build the project in codeblocks because I was getting this error: 'undefined reference to symbol 'floorf@@GLIBC_2.2.5'.

    sudo yum install freeglut-devel
    sudo yum install libsndfile*
    sudo yum install openal-soft-devel
    sudo yum install libXrandr-devel
    sudo yum install libstdc++-static
    sudo yum install glib*

  • I'm glad you found the correct libraries.
    I couldn't find anything about floorf missing from glibc 2.2.5, weird.

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