v1.12 has been released!

[29 May 2021] Orx - Portable Game Engine version 1.12 has been released.

The Orx community is pleased to announce the 1.12 release. Some highlights include:

  • Major speed & scalability improvements: from 65k to 16M concurrent objects in memory, a complete rewrite of the orxBANK module, object update re-write, added support for early exit events handling

  • Support for joysticks on Android-Native

  • A simpler Android build pipeline (can be entirely built from inside Android Studio without the manual NDK build step)

  • Added color literals for all HTML web colors. Can be used for Object, Graphic & FX Color values

  • Added Nuklear support for new projects with the init project maker tool

  • Support for writing JPEG images

  • Many smaller fixes/optimizations/improvements. Complete list of changes is here: https://github.com/orx/orx/blob/master/CHANGELOG

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