how to make RPG Maker?

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am new here,
how do I make an visual editor to make it similiar to rpg maker GUI
or at least a rpg game on here?



  • Hi @hurble and welcome here!

    There are no editor coming with orx itself, but in the past people have been either creating their own (be it for specific features or more general ones), using a third party one like Tiled or LDTK or even not using any visual editor at all.

    Scroll, a C++ think layer build on top of orx, that ships with orx, used to contain a level editor, but this one hasn't been maintained in years and is likely not functional anymore at this time.

    As for making games, RPG or not, feel free to check our wiki, the tutorial videos (they're posted on our Discord server) or ask any specific questions you want.

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