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Hello, I stumbled into ORX very recently and it looks awesome; I have an idea for a videogame: strategic, turn-based, with coop option. I read some tutorials and basic info so far, however, I did not understand if ORX is suitable for turn-based games (I think it is, but I want your opinion!) and I did not see anything regarding networking in the APIs, so I guess the multiplayer part should be implemented from scratch because ORX can't help me there, correct?


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    That's correct.
    Orx has a lot of features (some are rather advanced and not obvious at first glance, like time stretching, for example) but it doesn't offer support for:
    - 3D rendering (though there are hooks available for people to issue their own draw calls)
    - an integrated editor (there are some external importers/exporters for various editor and tools out there)
    - networking.
    Those are the 3 main features not available, at least at the moment, in the engine.

    That being said, there's at least one game with online multiplayer support in the making with Orx at the moment.
    It's called Dstroy 2 and I believe they are using Valve's network library for that.
    @naroin or @krousty_bat could probably give you more details on this.
  • oh thanks for the clarification, I really don't care about the first two points you mentioned, the third one could be a nice one for the future!

    Valve network library, ok, I'll take a look into it

  • There are other alternatives as well, depending on your needs.
    But yes, network (RPC, replication, ...) is something I'd like to integrate at some point down the line.

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