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I am playing around with the current orx version from trunk and I'm wondering what the proposed way of rendering a joint is.
For example if I have a rope joint how do I actually render the rope?

A second question comes to mind... Are there any plans to support drawing primitives like lines, circles and so on?

Greetings ecapot


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    Hi Ecapot, I don't have immediate answers for you sadly, however I know Iarwain will drop in sometime soon, and he'll definitely have something. Just wanted to say 'Welcome' and the next time you have a question, I'll try to be more useful :D
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    Hi ecapot and welcome here!

    Nice CMI avatar, btw! ^^

    As for rendering the joints, it depends on the joint type of course. A Box2D rope joint is more like a stretchable string, physically speaking. If you want to display a rope that won't stretch, I advise to have extra objets acting as small rigid links (as in a chain) and attach both extremities of the chain to the anchors.

    As for rendering primitives, it's been requested here and there for quite some time, so I'll probably try to think of an efficient way to add them when v1.3 is out.
    For now you can use the embedded pixel texture and stretch it to get lines and rectangles. For circles and such, you'd have to either go through shaders or draw them yourself on a texture (textures can be modified/created at run time). It's not very convenient but as a temporary solution it should work just fine. :)
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