encrypting config files

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in the wiki(http://orx-project.org/wiki/en/orx/config/encryption) you write that, when encrypting the main config file you should call orxConfig_SetEncryptionKey before initializing ORX. However this will fail, as soon as ORX tries to allocate memory when duplicating the given password string because ORX was not yet initialized.
so what is the way to encrypt the main config file?


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    Nice find. It's due to a change I made at some point after writing the wiki page. I'll fix that tonight.
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    Done! Let me know if it works.
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    yep it works, now. thanks!
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    Good! I did that change quite some time ago, I guess no one was really using a custom encryption key till now. ;)
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    well atleast not the main config file ;)
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