IRC anyone?


I noticed there's both #orx and #orx-project on FreeNode, but they always seem to be empty. I added the latter to the list of channels I auto-join, so if anyone else wants to come idle I'll be there when I'm on.


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    Hi Norfenstein, and welcome here!

    Excellent idea about IRC, I'll be joining these channels starting as of Monday. I don't know in which time zone you are but I should be there between 10AM and 7PM PST/PDT.
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    Cool, I have IRC open most the time anyways. I'll add this to the list of channels I'm on.
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    I'll be lurking in #orx-project from now on as well ( as 'TheGreyOne' )
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    Just bumping this thread to make it more visible for new comers!

    #orx-project on

    EDIT: I actually "stickied" it. :)
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    Here's a no fuss quick link for anyone passing by for a chat:
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    And you can now meet orxbot in that channel. :)
    orxbot can report on the current build statuses among other things.

    I'll be spending more time there myself if people have questions.
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    Hi Guys, if you go looking for the old IRC channel on Freenode, it won't be manned anymore.

    All chat activity has been moved to Gitter:

    Please come and join us there instead.
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