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I want to run my game on my android phone, so I read the howto in the doc/android directory, but I've a question about the orxJava.jar.

I didn't find this jar in the svn version. I suppose I have to build it myself, but I don't know how to do this ...

Thanks for your help !


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    I am excited that someone like you wants to develop a game by orx and and android.

    the orxJava.jar will be in the code/lib/android but now iarwain haven't committed it. I will send you the jar in the attachment, or another option is to compile the lib by yourself.
    the sources of it is in the code/build/android/orxJavaLib. the folder is a project of eclipse, it would not have problems to open it in the eclipse. you can ignore all of errors eclipse shows and just right click the org.orxproject.lib package ,export it as a normal jar named orxJava.jar
    moreover, or just drag the org.orxproject.lib package into your project and no more orxJava.jar is needed. it may be more easier for you to understand what the java part do and debug without difficulty.

    now the orx libs compiled by ndk haven't been committed. you can try to compile it by yourself I believe it is easy for you.

    I am from China, and I hope the doc with my poor English could make you understand. The orx with android is close to release officially, but it needs more test from users. therefore, I am grateful that you try it and use it in your android game

    Thanks and enjoy yourselves in developing.
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    I forgot to upload the jar lib.

    put all libs of it in the code/lib/android. and try the demo of android in /code/demo/android which is also a project of eclipse.
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    Yeah ! Very nice !

    Thanks you for your explanation, really perfect ! I will test all of this later, now I'm just drinking the first coffee of the day ;)

    If you want, when my project will run on my phone, I will send you the .apk ^^

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    Laschweinski, If you want, I can expose you all of my questions, so you can change/add some informations/precisions for the "java noob" community like me in your doc files. What do you think about that ?

    If you prefer, I can send you some emails or MP. As you want.

    For the orxJava.jar, I think there's no reason to add it to the svn because when you get orx from svn, there's no .dll/.so files. So I think this build stage has to be done by the "orx user".

    I suggest you to add a /code/build/android/orxJavaLib/readme.txt (I give you an example in attachement, based on your answer). So next time, this stupid question will be skipped ;)

    Don't worry about your english, mine is not really good too ^^ And for now, I understand all of your docs ;)

    Until now, I have compiled my game only on windows, using visual studio. I think before continuing with android, I will test to compile and run it on my linux, using a standard C compiler ^^

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    Sorry for the delay, but I've been sick since Friday and didn't spend much time on the computer.

    Concerning the orxJava.jar and other compiled files, as faistoiplaisir said, they won't be part of the svn, only of the release packages.
    The svn contains the compiled versions of the external dependencies as they are too numerous to be practical to easily rebuild orx if they weren't there, but that's not the way it should be in an ideal world.
    Sorry for not releasing during the week end, but as I said I didn't spend much time on the computer. I'll try to do it during the week if I find the time (I'm not working today as I'm still sick).

    Thanks for the readme.txt, faistoiplaisir, I'll update the main readme one to either include those or point at them. A wiki page would be the most effective way to give the information as very few people actually read the readme files! ;)
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    I added tutorial placeholder links for iPhone and Android here.
    Feel free to create the pages and add information. :)
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    I should have edited it last week, but I am busy in one or two new game in my company. And I guarantee that there is at least one game used orx. I may edit it this week.
    wish you recover soon.
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    That's good news. Can't wait to see that first project made with orx in your company!

    Thanks for your wishes, fever's gone so it's only an annoying cough now, won't prevent me from working. =)
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