Gravity problems [SOLVED / NON ISSUE]

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Long story short: I have an Object with a Body. I have gravity. But the Object isn't falling.

I know this must be a very basic issue, something probably mentioned many times over in the docs, but for the life of me I can't find the problem. Any pointers would be most appreciated.

The Player object:

Body = PlayerBody

Graphic = PlayerGraphic


AllowSleep = false

Dynamic = true

PartList = PlayerBodyPart


Type = box

CheckMask = 0xFFFF

SelfFlags = 0x0001


Pivot = top left

Texture = ../../../assets/sprites/person.png

And Physics:
[Physics] ;====================================================================
Gravity = (0, 1000, 0)
WorldLowerBound = (-1000, -1000, -1)
WorldUpperBound = (1000, 1000, 1)


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    Ugh. So, I was fed up with this project for the moment, and decided to switch to another I was working on. Building that other one gave me errors that were never there before, so I was a bit confused. I re-built that project, and it worked. So I was inspired to clean and re-build this Orx project again.

    Lo and behold, gravity works now.

    I don't understand. I hate computers sometimes. Most of the time.
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    I'm glad it got solved by itself as I couldn't see anything wrong with your config. :)
    Btw, if you're using the svn version instead of the 1.2, you don't need the Physics world boundaries anymore.

    Also, for family-related reasons, I'll be spending the next 3 weeks in France and will probably not be posting here much during that period. Hopefully someone else will be able to help with questions during my absence.
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