[SOLVED] Deleting all spawner particles

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Wouldn't be a complete day if I didn't ask a question here.

I've created a Spawner from the config file, and it's been happily spawning away for a while. Now I'm changing the scene, and I want to remove the spawner and all its children/particles.

However, if I call orxObject_SetLifeTime(spawner, orxFLOAT_0), or orxSpawner_Delete(spawner), I'm still left with a few particles floating about on their own. Is there a particular way have the spawner delete all its children on removal (a particular function or config option)? Or a way to iterate through each child particle and delete it manually?


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    Ahah, an easy question, I like that! ;)

    My guess is that you're looking for the config property 'CleanOnDelete'. You can find more info in CreationTemplate.ini in the code/bin folder.

    Let me know if it does the job. :)
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    Bingo, that did the trick. I'm guessing this is new and only in the development version eh? Didn't see CleanOnDelete in the online wiki, which is why I was stumped. It's a good function to have around now!

    Thanks muchly.
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