Custom anim event called after deleting object?

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I have defined graphic and animations for button like this
Graphic = PlayButtonGraphic
Position = (-50, 100, 1)
AnimationSet = PlayButtonAnimations

AnimationList = PlayButtonStaticAnim # PlayButtonClickAnim
LinkList = PlayStatic2PlayStatic # PlayClick2PlayStatic

Source = PlayButtonStaticAnim
Destination = PlayButtonStaticAnim

Source = PlayButtonClickAnim
Destination = PlayButtonStaticAnim

DefaultKeyDuration = 1
KeyData1 = PlayButtonGraphic

DefaultKeyDuration = 0.2
KeyData1 = PlayButtonGraphicHover
KeyEventName1 = PlayButtonClick

This PlayButton is child of object Menu, which is removed after button is clicked (PlayButtonClick event). Menu disappears after click, but handler event is stil called every 0.2 secs and I wasn't able to figure out why is that happening. At first, I thought it's problem in animation definitions, but now I'm quite sure it's not.
void Screens::Home(void){
	orxObject_CreateFromConfig("Menu"); // contains PlayButton as Child

void Screens::Game(void){ // is called after PlayButton is clicked
	orxOBJECT *menu = Tools::GetObjectByName("Menu");
	if (menu != orxNULL) {
		orxObject_SetLifeTime(menu, orxFLOAT_0);	

So, why is that happening? As it's making me quite mad right now because I'm probably doing something wrong again.


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    Hmm never mind, I found out why this was happening. Delete this topic please as it's useless (I just used if("PlayButton") on event name instead comparing strings. I'm probably too tired :D
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    Hehe, yes, maybe it's time to take a break and get some rest. ;) Glad you found the solution though! :)
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