Problems building orx on linux 32

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Hello iarwain,
I'm having some problems trying to build orx on linux.

First, the OpenAL include path in the codelite project is


But the directory name in the file system is openal-soft with lowercase letters.

After fixing that I got these linking errors:
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lsndfile
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lopenal
/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lXrandr

The sndfile lib path in codelite is set to


But the linux directory does not exist. Only mac, mingw, vc2005, vc2008 and vc2010

There is a preprocessor macro called AL_LIBTYPE_STATIC, so I think codelite should know where to find the libopenal.a, but there is not such file for linux in the openal-soft/lib path.

Regarding the Xrandr error, the is installed on my system, but I haven't looked into the problem.

I have gcc-4.5 installed.

Can you give me some directions?



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    Hi Peso!

    The paths you've found in the codelite project are for windows only, but as I do regexp/search & replace to edit the project file I might have edited the linux versions by mistake. As the lib folders are either empty or don't exist it has no consequence but I'll still clean them to make it less confusing.

    Openal-soft is only used for windows as it's the only OS that doesn't have a proper hardware implementation. OS X has one by default and so do most of linux distro. If yours doesn't have it, you can probably get it via apt-get or whichever package management program your distro is using. Same for libsndfile. At worst you can get it from its homesite. The only modifications I made to it in the orx extern folder are to be able to natively compile them on windows/visual studio as its author doesn't want to do it himself (nor doesn't he want to have anybody support it on the original source, feels like there's some strong windows hatred behind all this, anyway...).

    So basically you simply need to check you have openAL & libsndfile installed for your distro and check the lib path to make sure they can be accessed while compiling orx.

    What kind of distro/version do you use btw? I've been using a 3 years old ubuntu 32b and a recent linuxmint 64b on my side. The ubuntu didn't come with libsndfile preinstalled but the linuxmint had it.


    Let me know if you still have some issues.
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    It is working now.
    The problem was that I didn't have the dev packages installed only the regular ones.
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    Ah yes, sorry, totally forgot to mention that!
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