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I've been trying to get this thing up and working in visual studio 2010 and i keep getting linking errors. I've been following along with the setup tutorial for vs2008 (seems pretty much the same).

the latest error I've been getting is:
LNK1104 cannot open "orxd.lib"



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    I think this error mean that the file orxd.lib doesn't exist, so the linker failed.

    This file exist in your project ? This file is produced by compiling the orxLIB project when you open the solution codeuildwindowsmsvs2010orx.sln in your case (it produce .lib, and .dll for windows).

    I suggest you to begin by trying the tutorial located in utorialuildmsvs2010Tutorial.sln

    Hope this help !


    By scrolling down the topics, on the first page, I saw that :
    Did you take a look at this ? I think it's exactly your problem. Read it !
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