Plugin vs Stand-Alone Application

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Hello. My name is Charles, and my friends and I have settled on Orx for our senior software engineering project. We are wondering what the benefits and downsides to each model is. We have decided to prototype and start development as a plugin, but we don't know if we should eventually switch over to a stand-alone application later on in development (or just start with a stand-alone application).

Any suggestions? What are the pro's and cons of each?


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    Hi Charles and welcome here!

    The plugin approach was meant to be the easiest to put together for fast prototyping as you only need to define a single entry point and work from there. But that was a long time ago before orx's initialization became much more simple. That was the only pro of the plugin approach and it's now arguable.

    The stand alone approach on the other hand is faster to execute, removes the dependency on the launcher (so no need to have an executable with a fixed name either) and is more souple configuration wise: no need to have orx.ini around that will be loaded first and your own config file that you'll need to load manually afterward.

    I would almost deprecate the use of the plugin approach but that means I first need to rewrite the first 9 tutorials and I haven't found the time to do so yet. :)
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    Thanks. We'll use the plugin api for initial development and switch over to a stand-alone application later.
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    On the off chance you need any help with that, there was discussion on converting over here:
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