physics events problems with xcode 4

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I'm just hoping that someone might have stumbled on something similar, and can give me a pointer before I abandon xcode 4 and return to 3...

I rebuilt orx's supporting libs, then orx. Then I rebuilt my application, which runs almost perfectly. The physics work, i.e. objects collide and react to each other. The problem is that physics events never make it through to my callback.

When I used the prebuilt orx binary under xcode 3.2, the callback was always called with physics events.

Other events that my game listens for, do work. I haven't changed any game code since making the OS & xcode switch. I'm assuming that I did something funny when I built orx (or possibly Box2d). I'm still trying to get a debug version of orx to work, but so far haven't had any luck...



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    Mmh, the only thing I could think of would be a out of sync between the lib and the header file that defines the event?

    Did you replace all the orx .h in your project after building your own version of orx? It's not much of a lead but that's the only one I have for now. :)
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    I did replace the headers with the ones from svn, and just double checked my search paths. No luck. Thanks for the tip. I'll keep digging. :)
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    That was worth a try. :)

    I guess the next step would be to put a breakpoint in src/plugins/physics/Box2d/orxPhysics.cpp at the end of the orxPhysics_Update() function, where events are sent and trace to see what happens?
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    That's exactly what I've been trying to do. :) I haven't been able to do that with xcode so far. I'll try to figure this out tomorrow with a clearer head. Thanks again for the help and good night.
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    No problem. Sorry to hear that your transition to XCode4 didn't wasn't that smooth in the end! ;)

    Let us know what you've found after a night of sleep. :)
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    Boy I feel stupid! :(

    Finally found a rogue "liborx.dylib" that my project was picking up when running, rather than the version that I had built. Seems that all is working now! Thanks again.
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    No worries, I like the kind of bugs that get solved without me having to do any work. ;)
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