Photoshop CS5 can't open orxfontgen TGA file

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FYI to all, Adobe Photoshop CS5 can't interpret the TGA files written by orxfontgen.exe (current svn).

Here's an example of how Photoshop and GIMP open the exact same file: couri.png

I am working around it by now by just saving PNG out of GIMP.
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    I don't have photoshop unfortunately. Have you tried removing the alpha channel?
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    Actually it looks more like the contrary: photoshop doesn't look like it's trying to load the alpha channel from the file at all.
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    Well, take a look at this: couri-3ba608e9974893655dc350b3f257ae37.png

    Disable RGB channels and you can see the characters.

    As mentioned in another thread, you can also use Imagemagick to convert TGA to PNG if you want to see it in Photoshop.

    But I don't really care if Photoshop opens it or not, since there are so many other tools available to handle the images :). But maybe there should be a note in the orxTEXT section of the Wiki that this is Photoshop's behavior.
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    Definitely, good to know! :)
    I've been opening those files with a few different image editors (including Paint.NET, Gimp and XNView) so photoshop is the ugly duckling this time.
    I guess we should really put together a FAQ section in the wiki for things like this. :)
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