SOLVED: I cannot download ORX

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Hi everybody,

I have tried about 50 times to download ORX. Every time at the end of the download it says "Source file cannot be read".

I tried downloading from different browsers, nothing. I tried repairing the archive and orx.exe was missing.

And I've searched the forum before posting and didn't found somebody else asking about it.

Please help.


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    I'm not sure why you can't download the package files from sourceforge. I guess I can send it by email if you tell me which version you need.

    The other (better) option would be to sync the svn trunk and compile it yourself (it compiles out of the box for all supported platforms). This way you'd get the latest version which is much better than the last released package.

    Let me know what you prefer!
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    Actually, I'm totally new to orx so I don't know how to compile it myself(I don't know what syncing the svn trunk means :blush: ). I just want to get started. My first thought would be to ask for the latest version.
    I would appreciate it if you could send it, thank you.
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    What program are you using to unzip the files? Have you considered using a download manager? Did you disable virus scanners? (virus scanners don't like the msvs2008 version, they consider the orx executables to be viruses, even though they aren't.)
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    As per your suggestion, I tried both disabling the antivirus and using a download manager. No luck there.

    According to the download manager, it gets stuck at 99%.

    By the way, I have tried Windows Explorer, WinRAR and PowerArchiver to unzip it.
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    Are you downloading the msvs2008 build? Have you tried downloading the mingw build as well?
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    I just tried it. I can download mingw build without error.
    It's the msvs 2008 I'm having trouble with.
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    Really weird ...

    What's the exact link you tried to download ?

    This one ? : - 1.3rc0 (2513)/
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    Yes, that one. Am I the only one who has that problem?
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    Apprently yes ^^

    I tried this link, unzip and it works ... I really don't understand ...

    To have a quick solution, give me your personnal email (in a private message) and I will sent you the zip by email, it's only 4Mo, it will be ok.

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    PM sent.
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    Mail sent ;)

    (remove the "_" at the end of the filename ... gmail doesn't want to send the .zip because it contains a .exe file ...)


    Mais not sent ^^

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 554 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account ([email protected]) [-5] - (state 18).

    So, at this point, I've no idea ...
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    Lol am I cursed or something? I know I gave you the right address...

    Edit: Wait... I had it wrong. It's not, its
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    Ok, problem solved. This is what I was doing wrong:

    While I had actually disabled NOD32 Antivirus and Real-time protection through the taskbar icon, Web Access protection was still on. Nod32 was blocking it without saying anything.

    To all noobs like me using NOD32: You have to manually disable web access protection from the "Advanced Setup" to download orx.

    Everyone, thanks for your help.
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    I'm glad you found the issue and I'm sure this info will help others in the future.

    One thing's for sure, next release I won't compress any executables, this way antivirus won't complain anymore. :)

    As for Subversion (svn), it's a version control system that is used by orx on sourceforge to keep its source code (and an history over time). You can find more info directly on orx's sourceforge page as well as tutorials on how to use a svn client. On windows I'd recommend using TortoiseSVN, a client that integrates with Explorer. Here's a video tutorial (among many others on youtube):

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate.
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    Thank you. Once I get started on the engine I'll check it out.
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