Minimum configuration to develop for IPhone

Hi all,

I've a question about the minimum configuration for a Mac to create some IPhone games.

I never used a Mac, so I'm completly new in this domain ;)

After some search, I found that the minimum to develop application for IPhone/IPad is Mac OS X, Snow Leopard.

I have found a Mac Mini with this configuration (and Snow Leopard installed) :

Apple Mac Mini, Intel Core Duo
Proc : 1.83GHz
Memory : 2 Go RAM
Hard Drive : 80 Go disque

Someone can confirm that this environnement can works to developp on IPhone (using orx for sure ^^) ?

It will be very slow or it will be acceptable ?

For those that try orx on IPhone, witch mac do you have ? Someone tried Hackintosh or Vmware successully ? (I don't want to spend a lot of time for that, so I think I prefer buy a Mac)

Thanks for your help !


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    Of course it will. I develop with Orx on my netbook right now, using CodeLite. All it has is Intel 1 Core, 1GB RAM, running Windows 7, and everything works fine.
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    Yep, that'll be fine.

    Xcode might be a little slow with only 2GB RAM. On the other hand, I use Xcode with 4GB RAM and it's still slow because it's a crap user interface.

    Seriously, though, that should be fine. The VMware option would probably also work fine as long as you don't have a problem with the USB drivers (when using Xcode to debug the app on a physical device).
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    I should mention, though, I have had trouble successfully installing Xcode on a VMware Mac OS X Lion (failed with an error message). I didn't look into it further than that.
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    Thanks for all the answer !

    Finally, I bought a Mac Mini, Core 2 Duo, 8Go Ram. It was not too expensive.

    I think it will be ok ! I didn't try to compile orx & game yet, but it will be soon ;)
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    Heck I'm doing it on an old macbook that only has 2GB of RAM and I'm doing just fine, so I'm sure you'll be all good. ;)
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    And I didn't select the VMWare solution, especially to avoid weird problems, like USB drivers or software installation.

    Don't want to take time to solve bad problems ;)
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    I have a very nice VM of Mac OS X Lion that runs just fine and has XCode. It's on my gamer notebook (under repair) and I plan to get some Orx things to run on it once I get it back :)
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