Does Orx run in iOS Simulator?

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Orx Android seems to require an actual device since the emulator doesn't support OpenGL.

However, I see iOS Simulator supports OpenGL emulation. So will Orx projects for iOS run without having Apple hardware?

Just a quick question so I'll know if I need to procure an Apple device before I can get started on iOS versions.



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    It works great in the iOS simulator. I've tried it with iPhone/iPad with or without retina support.
    I haven't tried with the latest iOS version though, but it should be fine I think (maybe a few quirks to fix as always when a new iOS version is released).

    However, you won't be able to freely test multi-touch nor accelerometer on the simulator version. You also need to be aware that the simulator is likely to run much faster than the actual device in most cases. That's about it. :)
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    Saves me from making a new thing.

    Question: When building/porting for iOS, how do you implement the touch screen? Do you use the 'mouse' event for that or is there a separate event which I haven't found yet?

    Thanks :)
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    Ya, the left mouse button is mapped to the touch.

    Here's the thread on multitouch if you need info on that:
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