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So, any of you guys seen the Ouya, was surprised to hop on here and no one had already brought it up, so I figured I would, looks like a decent android box for $100, not sure how well it will catch on, but one of my favorite games, canabalt is already on there so I'm considering it, how about you all?


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    Hi, it's probably a very useful gadget to live under the TV. If it doesn't terribly suck, I'll probably end up buying it as well. Under the same conditions, it's also an interesting platform to develop for.
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    Ouya didn't convince me on paper (and I'm not sure why I'd want to play Android games on my TV as most of them are probably going to look pretty bad and not the kind of experience I'm expecting from "home entertainment") but I'd be happy to help support it in the future if there's any work needed, that is, Lydesik and Faistoiplaisir will probably be more knowledgeable on that. :)
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