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I'm using Visual Studio 2008, and I get all the file dependencies resolved. But when I try to compile I get this error: error PRJ0019: A tool returned an error code from "Performing Post-Build Event...", with the orxSoundSystem_SFML project. Also, a side problem: when compiling I also get a ton of warnings saying that the file vc90.pdb is missing from every single project. Its a total of 122 warnings. Anyone have any ideas as to how fix the either of these?


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    First of all, which version of orx are you using? The 1.0 release or the one from the svn repository?

    If you aren't using the svn one, I'd suggest to switch to this one as a lot of improvements/fixes have been made since the 1.0 release. Also you need both the src and the extern packages in order to compile orx (but I presume you already took them both).

    Which version are you compiling?

    The post-build command is very simple:
    copy ..........externSFML-1.5extlibsin*.dll

    As you can see it's only used to copy the compiled dll to the /bin folder. However, if my memory's right, back in the old days I did a mistake in the project dependencies for one of the plugin (can't remember if it was the sound_SFML one or not), but it might just be your problem.

    Also I'd suggest building the "embedded" versions (either static or dynamic, both release & debug) as the plugins are directly embedded into orx thus improving *a lot* the performances and removing the need of all the external .DLLs.

    As for the warnings, it's simply because I didn't put the vc90.pdb debug file when compiling the external SFML library. This file is only useful if you intend to debug the external library SFML (not orx).

    Actually I could even link the debug version of orx against the release version of SFML (like I do on linux and Mac OS X), but as SFML was buggy, while developping the plugins I had to debug SFML as well and submit patches afterward. I may now change this as the current modified version of SFML used by orx looks pretty stable and it'll help having less horrible framerate when using the debug version of orx.

    To sum it up, the post-build error might be fixed if you sync the svn version and you can simply ignore all the SFML warning looking for the .pdb
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    If you want to get rid of all the warnings when linking the debug version, simply open the SFML solution in the /extern/SFML-1.5 folder and recompile yourself the debug version of SFML, that will create all the vc90.pdb needed and then, when linking debug orx, you won't have the warnings.

    Hope this helps!
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    Yes, I do have the version 1.0 source and the extern files. I'll try using the embedded version as that sounds a lot simpler.
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    The embedded version gains in ease of use what it looses in flexibility (but no one really cares about changing the loaded plugins on the fly anyway).

    As for the svn version, some of the online tutorials refers to it and it is really recommanded to switch to it instead of the now old 1.0 release.

    As soon as I find a willing person to compile the msvs2005 files, I'll do the 1.1 release but no one seems to want/be able to help with that.
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