Who's up for a competition?

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Who'd be interested in having an orx competition, submitting some entries? Work towards a fixed closing date, etc


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    Sounds awesome. I'd be up for it if I wasn't headed back to school next week. Even then, I might try it.
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    I'm down but not before a few weeks, unfortunately.

    Any idea/theme? How would you see it organized/advertised?
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    Sounds interesting, though I'm particularly busy for the next 3 months.
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    Haven't thought of categories. If there's only a handful of entries, we probably don't need categories, but hopefully we would.

    But a couple of ideas I had were:

    1) Work towards a finish date, suggesting Oct 31.
    2) The game should work on at least one desktop platform and one mobile platform.

    Just ideas.
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    Sounds good, except maybe for the finish date as everyone looks pretty busy right now.

    I'd love to enter the competition but I have definitely too much going on in my private life at this time to be able to take part in organizing anything. :(
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    I'm happy to organise. But it could very well tight for this time of the year. Perhaps an idea for later on.
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