going to new sourceforge?

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Hey guys,

I noticed that not too long ago sf.net got herself a whole bunch of new features. Including, among other things, hg support.

see here: http://sourceforge.net/create/

has any consideration been taken to switch over to these new features? I think there is great possibilities there. (like not running hgsubversion to get the source :) )

It also has a tracker and doc and wiki... sounds like a great new place..

like that everything could be in the same place... as scroll had ended up on bitbucker.

Just a thought.... now I'm going to work on my tuts.. for real this time :)


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    Hey, nice to see you around, Katarak!

    Well, orx has already moved to bitbucket and is sitting in a team account along Scroll and a few community-driven tools: https://bitbucket.org/orx
    So everything is truly in the same place now!

    We're also using the integrated trackers there for bugs and feature requests. If you want to contribute to some of those projects, let me know, I'll be happy to give you write access.
    We're not using their wiki though and kept our independent one.

    Lastly we're trying to integrate premake in order to generate automatically all build files, thanks to the work of AlgoJerVIA and 4babce.
    This is done as a first step of getting a continuous build environment using buildbot. There's a whole post on that in the help request section if you want more info or want to contribute to those tasks.

    Good luck for your tutorials! :)
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