ASteroid ReduX

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Hi all,
just to let you know that ASRX now has its own development space =) Moutew and I will work on that (with iarwain support without which it wouldn't be so "advanced" yet!) and we'll let you know as soon as something will be worth playing.
In the meantime for the most curious ones, check it out here.


As we already discussed for almost a year now, i'll be moving on and starting to use orx for yet another asteroid port.

I basically want to have the same mechanics than in the good old game, and I then have some ideas to make it evolve in some funny ways.

If somebody have a good source for gpl art (or any other free licence) or wants to make some funky spaceships and rocks it will be welcomed =)

Hope i'll manage to find some motivation and time to get over this first part, i already began installing codelite and what goes along ...

So hope i'll have something to show you soon!


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    Hey Loops,

    First post, great! ;)

    So as for your project, you'll have of course full support from my side.

    Btw, for GPLed sprites, I found somes sprites released under this license, but I'm not sure if the library contains space ship or asteroids! =)
    Maybe it'd be an opportunity to make a little shift in the original theme! =D

    Anyway, right now I'm under the same impression than if I were yelling out loud in a room where there's only the two of us! -_-

    Hopefully the community will grow soon with the next release! One can only hope! =)
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    woohoo, thanks to iarwain and the tutorials, i have my little spaceship that moves along a big empty space =)

    can't believe how programming is like swimming ... hard to get to in the first place and you lose almost everything if you leave for more than a month!

    whatever, preparing the next step now. as soon as i have something worth the glimpse i'll post it around here.

    good night!
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