how to build orx1.4 android non-n/native demo ?

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I had read wiki about orx setup android.
Library had build successd,but build the demo had faild.

This is caputre:
Android NDK: jni/ Cannot find module with tag 'orx/code/lib/static/an
droid' in import path
Android NDK: Are you sure your NDK_MODULE_PATH variable is properly defined ?
Android NDK: The following directories were searched:

I use cygwin/msys build demo.I'm a newer for ndk.Should I set env varlues or edit jni/


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    Hi jack and welcome here!

    Well, given that you've already read the wiki, I'm not sure if I can be of any help as I haven't compiled the android demo myself.

    Are you using the binary packages or did you directly clone the mercurial repository? I'm asking as I know lydesik is currently refactoring the Android code base in order to support only one version.

    In any case I'm sure either faistoiplaisir or lydesik will have an answer for you in a few hours. :)

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    Thank you for your reply.I download orx1.4 from sourceforge.
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    Hi jack,

    well it looks like you forgot to export the NDK_MODULE_PATH environment variable.

    I've no experience with cygwin, but it should be the same.

    before calling ndk-build in the demo/android directory, you need to export this variable


    where <MY_LIBS> is the parent directory of orx.

    alos if you are using the prebuilt packages from sourcforge, there is two additional steps

    1) rename the folder 'orx-1.4rc0' to 'orx'
    2) in demo/android/jni/

    change the last line from
    $(call import-module,orx/code/lib/static/android)
    $(call import-module,orx/dev-android/lib/static/android)

    and you should be good
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    Oh,Thank you,lydesik &iarwain!
    I was used to use command "NDK_MODULE_PATH=`pwd`",not have "export".
    It build successd!
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