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Hi all,

After discussing with Iarwain, we decide to setup a google group system for orx.

The goal is to inform you about new/recent functionnality, available for you if you use the dev version of orx on Bitbucket.

The problem with news on the forum is you have to search/browse the forum by yourself. It's not easy to discover news. With a mailing system, you'll be inform in all case.

For example, there's a recent module in orx : orxResource. I discover it by reading the repository log and because I'm curious, but I'm sure I missed others functionnalties ...

With a google group, Iarwain could post a quick email with news.

If you are interested, you can send a PM to Iarwain with your email, he will add you to the orx-dev google group and you will receive this kind of news.

But, it's not a replacement for the forum, in case of questions/problems, the forum is the correct place.

So, you can send PM to Iarwain for that subscription !



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    Yep, thanks for the post, faistoiplaisir!

    If you have a google account (doesn't have to be a gmail account), you can sign up directly by sending an empty email to [email protected]. Or you can create a google account for the occasion. ;)

    As for orxResource, it's a module that should greatly help with porting your game to platforms with different resolution, etc. It'll also help you supporting your own resource packing system (if you want to store all your data everything in a .zip file or in memory, for example).
    If you want more details, just join the google group, I'll be explaining it all in details soon. ;)
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