strange build error

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For some reason, orx is failing to build on Linux Mint 12 (32 bit). It says,
/home/pond/Downloads/orx-trunk/code/src/memory/orxMemory.c:38:20: fatal error: malloc.c: No such file or directory

I've never seen that before. The SoundSystem has a similar one:
../../../include/../plugins/Sound/OpenAL/orxSoundSystem.c:55:24: fatal error: stb_vorbis.c: No such file or directory

I have the libvorbis-dev installed and build-essential installed. Where do I get the stb_vorbis and malloc.c source files in Linux?


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    They should be in the /extern folder (dlmalloc and stb_vorbis).
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    Didn't happen on my computer. I was trying to build on someone else's (8 year old) rig, but it worked on mine.
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    I also received the stb_vorbis error when running the build... i was able to correct it by pulling the stb_vorbis folder from the as it did not appear to be included in the ios zip.
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    Hi Nick and welcome here!

    Thanks for the info, I'll fix that right away.
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    That should now be fixed, both on and

    Let me know if you have any other issues/questions.
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