Why limit orx modules for a max 64 number?

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Are there advantage for the limit of orx module number as 64.
What shall i do if i want to add module for orx. Such as Layer Manager use to manager tiles?


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    Those are for internal modules and there is little advantage of adding "user defined" modules actually.
    The main goal of modules is to define internal init/exit orders and other orx modules won't know about your user module.

    The 64 limit is because we currently use a 64bit uint to hold the dependency flags but that can be extended with a variable bit array storage.
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    I want to have a module here we named it LayerManager which create layer and tiles(like Tiled export data) and the render it ever update circle, it may contain collision detect for each tiles. Other module would be ActorsManager use to create Actor(Use define class or module contain orxObject and some domain special properties such as hp/mp/speed/ttl etc...) from config file, then trigger the actor when coordinate match or some even emit, it will actor as GC remove the Actor when it died.
    What would be good solution internal module or use define module for above situation? And how? I hope my question make sense :(
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    For your own modules, LayerManager, ActorManager, no need to add them inside orx, that wouldn't bring anything to you. :)
    Simply create them in your main init.

    Regarding your Actors, I'd really recommend using Scroll as it's exactly what it does.
    If you'd rather stick with orx, you can listen to the orxOBJECT_EVENT_DELETE to delete the Actor linked to a given orxOBJECT.

    As for implementation details, I'm afraid I need more details about your own game design and needs. :)
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