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Hi there,
I just noticed that on ios 7 there's a black bar on top of the screen, moving all elements down a little. This means that some things are pushed off the screen at the bottom. Also for some reason there's a small green bar inside this bar. Well I attached the screenshot, maybe then it makes more sense. IMG_0023.PNG
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    Hi tdomhan, nice to see you around! :)

    I was afraid that transition to iOS 6 & 7 would break something, I'm glad it's not a major code breakage like when iOS 4 was released.

    It feels to me like it's some kind of bar, like a status bar, due to the green button. If that's so, it's probably something that can be controlled via plist or code init?

    Unfortunately I won't be able to test/debug myself as I only have an iPad 1, so I'm limited on iOS 5.x on the device, and my macbook is pretty old which means I can only upgrade to OS X 10.6 (iOS SDK 5.x too) at best. :(
    (It's actually a bit worse as I haven't installed the latest XCode version and still under XCode 3.x with iOS SDK 4.3.)
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    Hi iarwain, yeah it's been a while since I posted the last time ;)

    ok, I'll let you know if I find out how to deal with it. What I don't get is that the normal status is hidden and I'm not aware of any other status bars.
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    you were actually right, a setting in the plist was enough. So in order to resolve the issue "View controller-based status bar appearance" must be set to NO. After that everything works as expected :)
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    Ah nice, thanks for checking! :)

    Do you know if there's any way to achieve the same thing programmatically?

    Also, if you happen to have the new plist, I'll be happy to add it to the repo (or, in the case you have a bitbucket account, a pull request would also work). :)
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    I just created the pull request.

    I think it should also be possibly to this programatically. If “ViewController-Based Status Bar Appearance” is set to YES (by default), each view is supposed to implement preferredStatusBarStyle, according to this stackoverflow post:
    I guess this would be the point of attack ;)

    On a sidenote: I noticed a problem in the ios zip file: "orxResource.c" had an absolute path set. Therefore XCode won't find the source file when compiling. It's nothing major and on the repo this problem does not exist, but I just thought i'd mention it.
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    Thanks for the pull request, I just merged it.
    Thanks for the info as well and the reminder about the absolute path in the package, I didn't push a new version since this has been fixed.
    I think I'll push orx 1.5 in the coming days when I'm done plugin hotloading of all resource types.
    Speaking of which, at the moment, if one sets the Resource.WatchList property in config, one can edit textures and shaders (as well as config files) when the game runs and as soon as the file is saved on disk, the changes will be applied in game. It's pretty handy for development and works only on computers with GLFW plugins.
    I'll write more about it on the orx-dev mailing list.
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