Some issues about Scroll?

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As far as i know, the Scroll make special object create/delete/behavior at a simple but power ways. But the problem is that is it possible to use orx to implement. i know create and delete can only listen to the object event but what about for behavior? the other confuse me is the Scroll are still use the orx core such as Clock/Event etc... so it's likely a C/C++ mix program. the structure one and the class one. i really found it too complex, i lack of the C++ experience. I am not sure the advantage of Scroll and it's complex of C/C++ mix programming. Are there some suggestion or how to about it?


  • jimjim
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    Scroll does more than just creating or deleting objects, you Scroll makes much easier to detect collision, per object update function. For more details on scroll, check the following tutorial
    what about for behavior

    You can write your own behavior code in, Update function, OnCollide, OnSeparate function. You could also register separate clock function, though it has to be static which makes sense.
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    How to use CreateObject() within ScrollObject deriving class? such as in Update function doing attack which create bullets?
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    You can do this in the following way,
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