Great work!

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I wonder if anyone here remembers me, or if the same group of people is still even around! I have not been lurking on the forums for some time now, but I have been watching development of the engine itself on the mailing list. Iarwain, you are an amazing fellow for the progress you've made with this engine. I still plan on making some games with it. I've just been busy... and my computer broke. I've been working on a far weaker computer than I wanted to, so I've been mostly working on a few mobile apps (and I might fund development of my game using the income from those mobile apps if they make money!)


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    Hey, I remember you. To be honest, I find this engine very interesting, although I am using different engine in my workplace, for my personal projects I choose to work with this engine :)
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    Hi sonicbhoc, nice to see you around! :)

    I've actually visited your bitbucket page a few weeks ago, looking to see if you had anything new publicly cooking. ;)

    Thanks to both for the kind words, I'm glad you like it! :D
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    Hi sonicbhoc, I remember you too. Just like you, I've also been lurking the forums for the past year, watching iarwain tirelessly helping people and improving Orx.

    I've actually been using Orx to port my physics engine to Android (also switched my desktop version to Orx). In that project, I'm probably using 10% of Orx (and probably doing that quite suboptimally), but it's still been quite helpful. I obviously also have the intention to program a game using Orx as it's intended in the middle term.

    Thanks again for Orx iarwain!
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    I should echo this... the effort that goes into orx is certainly not unnoticed and very much appreciated.

    Thanks, iarwain.

    Looking forward to the day I can get this project released to return the thanks.
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    Hey enobayram, nice to see you around as well and glad you found interesting bits in orx you're using with your physics engine.
    Speaking of which, I'll need to check it during next week end! =)

    enobayram, sausage, thanks to both for posting those kind words as well, it's always nice to hear appreciations coming from you! :)
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