orx Android testing

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Hi guys,

recently I made some undergrounds changes on the Android port, and I'd like to know if I broke something.

Can you please install this .apk on your device and reports results with your phone model and Android version.




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    Done !

    On my android xperia z tablet, Android 4.2.2, works fine !
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    Seems to work fine:

    There is sound.
    4 plataforms, one of it with a color FX, other are moving, one seems to be rotating on Z axis.
    Touching spawn either a ball or a text, they collide and bounce. Upon collide they have a color FX.

    I also notice later that the gravity changes when you rotate the cellphone.

    Tested on nexus 4 with default google android 4.4.
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    Seems to work on my Samsung Galaxy S4, but at some point in the process of testing the balls would start infinitely spawning wherever I last touched. I wasn't able to replicate it, so it could have just been my screen bugging out.
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