Can't start using orx under windows

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Hey everybody, noob here :silly:

It's a good thing to have tutorials vor orx. My problem is, that the tutorial guide vor the tutorial with vs2008 doesn't work for me.
I first tried vs2013, then vs2010, but cant find vs2008 to download. vs2008 would be the "best" solution for the tutorial vs2008 :laugh: ?

The error-comments are always like "cant find orx.h"
And,Yes, I have the tutorial-data saved at the right place (as it was told here)

Best would be a tutorial guide for vs2010 or wingw (or am I too silly to find one? :huh: )

With best regards,


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    Hi muennich42 and welcome here! :-)

    The error you get means the compiler can't find the header files (ie. all the files inside orx/include) on its include path.

    Which means either something isn't where it should be or a setting is missing. C/C++ programming usually requires two things: headers on the include path for the compiler and libraries on the library path for the linker.

    Regarding the vs2008 files, i guess you're referring to the nightly builds, and they won't be there consistently as it depends which build slaves were available at night when the packages are prepared. You can always use the latest release from here: - 1.6rc0 (4000)/

    Another (better) option is to clone directly the mercurial repository:
    Where you can build orx yourself out of the biz and tinker with its playground and tutorials.

    Instead of hand crafting the visual studio project files yourself, you could also use a generator such as premake.
    It can also generate makefiles for any platforms, including mingw. There isn't any tutorial I believe, but you can find an example with one of my tutorial here:

    Lastly if you're still stuck, don't hesitate to send us a zip with your project files and we can look directly into them to see what's the problem.

    Good luck, once the initial setup is done, everything else should be more easy. :-)
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    Hi muennich42, if you decide that you would to clone the mercurial repository version of orx, prepare a build for visual studio with premake, and then compile orx from scratch.... there is indeed a tutorial that Iarwain has forgotten about :P . Available here:[]=premake

    Then you can compile up the tutorials.

    Give me a holler if you have any trouble with the guide. That will help me improve it for you and any other newcomers.
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    Woops, my bad! ^^
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