iarwain screenshot

OK, I did as you requested. I never saw any Display_* with values that high, very low as a matter of fact. Now, that said, I couldn't make the scene scroll. The screenshot should be attached. Screenshot___11122014___11_10_29_AM.png


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    fyi, I checked chrome and I couldn't see anything happening there. This is no big deal to me. I just thought I'd give you a heads-up about it. Remember that my 3d game engine is sick right now too. Could be related. For that I use SDL2 and opengl. sdl2 is fairly new but it was fine on 32 bit. Might be some 64 bit problem in one of those. I don't think you use sdl though.
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    Hey, I just figured out what the slowdown was for the 3d engine. It was running the nouveau driver instead of the Nvidia proprietary driver (although it did say it was running nvidia). I ran across it completely by accident! So, that problem is over. Plus!!! I just ran the scrolling tutorial and no hiccups. So, thanks, everything is working lovely now!!! Sorry for the bother...
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    Nice, I'm glad you got that sorted out and it's a good thing to know as I'm sure other will have a similar issue in the future.

    Orx's current set of plugins are based on GLFW 2.7. There are some legacy plugins based on SDL 1.3 and some on SFML 1.5 but I don't recommend them. Post 1.6 release, I'll work on a set of new ones either based on SDL 2 or GLFW 3, I haven't settled on that choice yet.
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