Generating a keypress?

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Is is possible to send a keypress via code using the orx library? I want to do this to light up the num pad led.

Of course, I could use a standard library to do this but thought I'd check first. Not important.

Somewhat related, I just saw this command in the API: orxKeyboard_Show (orxBOOL _bShow)

Have to see what that's all about...


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    Actually... will this do it?

    orxInput_SetValue (const orxSTRING _zInputName, orxFLOAT _fValue )

    I'll try it tonight.
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    orxInput_SetValue() won't help you to light up the keyboards leds.
    I'm pretty sure that's not possible to do with orx, but I'll let iarwain answer that.

    for orxKeyboard_Show()

    I think it'only implemented on Android (non native), and It's been I while since I didn't tested it.
    It should show the android virtual keybard ontop of orx, and it should be able to send keypress so you can retrieve the string in orx.
    ie: to ask the user a nickname, or a savegame name...

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    As Lydesik said, there isn't a way to light up the keyboard LEDs (nor is there a way to emulate physical keypresses with orx), sorry!

    I also never got around to implement orxKeyboard_Show on iOS and now that I can't run orx on iOS (neither on device nor on simulator), I don't think I'll be able to do it. :/
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    Yep it's no big problem. I'll just find a low level call somewhere else.

    If not, I'll come up with some elaborate hardware circuit.
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