A couple of Orx questions

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I have a couple of questions to determine whether I'll use Orx.

1. Can you make apps for Ios/Android using Orx?

2. Can you use ads in the apps you create? e.g admob

3. Is it free to make and publish with no royalties?

4. Can you make the same type of games using Orx as you would using Corona SDK, Unity, or Construct2?

5. What are some popular Ios/Android apps made with Orx

6. How long does it take to learn orx for a beginner?

7. What language does orx use, or how are games in orx created?



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    Hi mejon! The about page answers many of your questions, but I'll recap.

    1. Yes

    2. Orx doesn't come with built-in integration with any ad providers, but it doesn't stop you from doing the integration yourself either.

    3. Yes, totally so.

    4. Well, I haven't used any of them, but for one thing, Orx is a 2D engine, so, as long as it's 2D, you can use orx to make any games you could make in those engines.

    5. You can check the showcase page.

    6. Well, when I first got into Orx, I got immediately productive in it for prototyping small ideas, but it of course takes time to use all of its features. Check out the tutorials to see what small projects look like.

    7. Orx is written in C, but I have a feeling that most people (including me) use C++ to develop games in it. There's some activity to create bindings for Orx in some other languages like Java, Go and Python, but for now, you should probably not count on that, especially for mobile game development. Orx also has a nice config system, with a simple .ini syntax. One would call Orx "data driven", since you can do a lot of stuff with those config files without writing much C/C++ code. The config system also mostly removes any need for an embedded scripting language. You could say, one major strength (or weakness, depending on your preferences) of orx is that it does most things in config files that other engines do in editors. I like it since I don't like versioning binary blobs created by editors. It's also nice to be able to write your own editors manipulating those simple config files, and there are actually a few editors like this contributed by the community.

    Hope you decide to give it a try :)

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    To create games with orx do you have the option of just coding it, or can you create visually without needing to enter lines of code?
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    Well, Orx is heavily plaintext-oriented. As I said, even though there are some visual editors for various tasks, it's mostly coding in C/C++ and Orx's config files.
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    mejon wrote:

    2. Can you use ads in the apps you create? e.g admob


    I think the native version of android allows this. The non-native one doesn't.

    Mejon, it might also be good for you to download orx and run some of the tutorial files. Then you can see the config files, and how much code is required to get things running.

    It's an excellent system.

    Watch this space for a video giving a speed overview of how to write a simple game with orx.
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    As a side note, if you needed some more advanced rendering features, such as shaders or post-processing, I believe orx to be the easiest of all the alternatives you mentioned to do complex things with minimal work. :)
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