orxConfig_Save is bugged.

The parameters given to the save callback seems to be wrong:
static orxBOOL filterAchiev(const orxSTRING _zSectionName, const orxSTRING _zKeyName, const orxSTRING _zFileName, orxBOOL _bUseEncryption){
    orxLOG("Tracking section: %s / %s / %s",  _zSectionName, _zKeyName, _zFileName);
    if (orxString_NCompare(_zSectionName, "AchieveTrack", 12) == 0){
        return orxTRUE;
    return orxFALSE;

This prints:
[18:15:58] [LOG] Tracking section: achievements.ini / (null) / (null)
[18:15:58] [LOG] Tracking section: achievements.ini / (null) / achievements.ini

It seems that the filename is being passed to the section name parameter.


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    My guess is that your filter isn't using the correct calling convention (missing orxFASTCALL). In which case I'm surprised you don't even get at least a warning when compiling it.
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    Yes, you are right, I tested again and it is working.

    I missed the warning because there are some warnings on code::blocks for unused functions and it got mixed in the middle (orxString_PrintUTF8Character, orxColor_FromRGBToHSL, orxColor_FromHSLToRGB, orxColor_FromRGBToHSV and orxColor_FromHSVToRGB).

    Sorry for the invalid report.
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    No worries, I'm glad it's working! =)

    As for the unused functions, there should be a command line parameter to silence it with your compiler (probably different between clang and gcc).
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